Sunday, June 24, 2012

Private Swap - Maggie Plays Artist


Last week I received an absolutely amazing  private swap from Maggie Plays Artist . The picture doesn't do these lovely items justice.  She sent a hand painted canvas, a sewn paper bag pocket, a heart pillow, a canvas bookmark, awesome backgrounds and a beautiful heart shape necklace.  She had stated that she would send seashells and I automatically thought of real seashells not these lovelies:

Hand blown by Maggie herself!  Aren't they beautiful?  I've already started playing with them and making book thongs with them.  These are not even samples of her best work.  You can find that here.

Here's a closeup of my favorite.

A 4x4 hand painted canvas.  The colors are so bright and happy!  It already has a place in my home.

I feel like I got the better part of the swap. ☺ I love everything she sent me even down to the cute note card!

Thank you Maggie for such a wonderful swap!  I am fortunate to have received such a generous and beautiful swap from you. 

Below is what I sent Maggie:

3 upcycled journals
2 note cards

I don't know why I can't seem to do a tutorial on these, however, here are directions on how I made them.

Dampen then split paper towel rolls open, paint, stencil, and stamp them, cut in half, stitch a signature inside. Embellish as you wish.  That's it! You get two mini journals from one roll. 

I also added gel medium to the paint.  I think it helps stiffen the rolls.  You could probably use mod podge too.  If you are using tp rolls do everything except cut in half.

Here are some good links for easy book signatures:

I'm always open to swaps.  Please email me if you are interested in a private swap.

Have a Happy Week!!!

Adriann ♥

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Read

I remember reading a review or seeing Beautiful Oops! on Pinterest sometime last year and had forgotten about it.  While visiting the library we came across Beautiful Oops!.  I remembered wanting to read it for the children and we checked it out.  Imagine my surprise when everyone in the household became inspired by the book.  It's 14 pages long, but it's packed with wonderful nuggets of artistic inspiration. The interactive pages are the toddlers favorite.   My favorite quote from the book  is "When you think you have made a mistake.  Oops! Think of it as an opportunity to make something...Beautiful."  It is a wonderful book for all ages! Everyone in the household loves it.  It's not just for children. 


I recently participated in a private swap with Maggie.  She sent me a wonderful parcel of artistic inspiration.  I've already started on a few projects.  I'll share the details this weekend.

Until then think of all the opportunities you have to make something BEAUTIFUL!

Adriann ♥

Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Mail Art

mailart 003 by One of His 2/
mailart 003, a photo by One of His 2 on Flickr.


I made these two postcards for Swap-bot's Thank You Swap-bot swap hosted by MichelleWillow

The recipient of my first mail art was very flattering and suggested that I continue with making mail art.  Her comment and thanks were priceless.

The botton postcard was inspired by artist Danielle Maret.  Her work is simply beautiful!  She swaps on Swap-bot too.  Maybe I'll be the recipient of one her works one day. 

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend!!!

Adriann ♥

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Inchie Doodles 3 of 4

Inchie Doodles 3 of 4 by One of His 2
Inchie Doodles 3 of 4, a photo by One of His 2 on Flickr.
I can't believe I haven't blogged this month.

Here's a quick share of inchie art I made for a swap over at Swap-bot. I made for and kept one for myself.

This is my second attempt at making inchies. They're kinda fun!

Enjoy your week!

Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1 - And The Winners Are?

Last month I decided to blog everyday.  Here's a recap of my blogging experience. 

Top *5* Recap of May
1. Blogged 26 days out of 31.
2. Gained +5 Followers.  Thank you!
3. Met some awesome artist, artisan, crafter, friends. I ♥ Friends!
4. Found the sea turtles.  Yay! 
5. Made my second mini zine.  I can't wait to make my 3rd one!

I also hosted this blog's first giveaway.  I only had 4 entries and here are the winners randomly picked by my 22 month old.  And the winners are:

BohemianAnnie Congratulations!

Doulanana Congratulations! You were meant to have a journal.  You were my only international entry.

Please email me your address to get your prize. 

Thank you to everyone that entered!!!

I didn't meet my follower goal this month so that means one more prize is left.  I'll post details on
the sidebar later.

Enjoy your weekend!

Adriann ♥