Thursday, November 1, 2012

Love Affair with Words-Quickie

Art Journal Love, a photo by Nnairda on Flickr.

I am aware of the double entendre. I can't help myself. I really enjoy words!

Jennibellie inspired this page. She's on my blogroll if you want to link to her.  Most of the ephemera on this page was received through swaps on Swapbot. I added a dimensional sticker to the library card  and added journaling. I had fun using my date stamp to date it.  Overall, this was a fun 20 minute page. 

I haven't decided what to do on the opposite page. I received the tag from FLcrafter in a tag swap. Maybe a thanksgiving page? The colors are calling me.

If you've read this far, please leave a comment? What's your favorite word? Mine is Xenophile. ☺

Until next time...

Adriann ♥


  1. My favorite word?!? Have to think about that. :) But if you asked me what my favorite TWO words are...I could easily say...I AM. I love Jennibellie and your pages too!

  2. I AM is very enpowering...yes. Thank you!

  3. My favorite word..of epiphany. I just like what it means and how it sounds.

    1. I like epiphany too! It sounds better than aha! :)


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