Sunday, October 7, 2012

October 7 - Tea Time

Here's a look at a two page spread in my junk journal.  When I say junk journal I mean it in every way.  It's made wholly of  recycled materials.It has 150 pages front and back,  which does not include pockets and flip outs.

It's pretty intense!

It's ugly, junky, grungy, and plain ole dirty.  But I love it!  I put most of my ideas in this journal.

I'm hoping to take some pictures and share with you.  It's way too many pages for me to share them all with you.  Maybe I'll share my top 20 and that will give you at least a 10 percent glimpse into my journal.

Anyway, here is Tea Time:

A two page junk journal spread from Toupti's Anonymous Tea Trade at Swapbot.  One of the sweetest envelopes I've received.  In it there were 2 tea bags one is in the spread, a recipe card for muffins, and a this sweet little note card. 

Front of envelope.


Sorry for the scan.  My camera battery died and I wanted to share.

In the Blessed!


  1. These pages look great!
    I'll get to try my hand at one soon as I just signed on for a swap where we will make junk journals from the papers we receive. Should be fun!


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