Saturday, October 6, 2012

October 6 - Mail Art/Pen Pals

This year one of my goals was to meet "New Friends."   I started having children late in age and most of my peers are either grandparents or have young adults and so our lifestyles are drastically different.  Our friendships eventually faded as most transitory friendships do. 

Women who had small children like I do were generally much younger than I and we couldn't meet in the middle with our obvious generation gap.  Thus, I have been a member of the Friends of the Friendless club for a while. 

Early this year I placed an ad in Inky Trail News which led me to meet some really beautiful women that I consider to be my friend.  We write each other every week or twice a month.  We are learning about each other in intimate ways.  I love this form of friendship that I have run across.  I've also met some wonderful women on Swapbot that I write back and forth with. 

I've found that my pen pals are mail artist unknowingly!  The time they take in the letter writing, the penmanship and decorating the envelope is just wonderful.  Even the little tuck ins are a work of art.

I don't have any pictures posted because I didn't have time to take pictures and post today.  I will post soon so that you can see the awesome mail art I receive from my pen pals.

Tomorrow I will open up my junk journal to you.  If you want to see it.

Until Blessed!

Adriann ♥


  1. I feel the same way about my blog friends. You make my life richer and fuller.

    1. Thank you...Ditto! I saw your response to my last comment. Your appreciation for receiving it At The Right Time is more that enough thanks for me. You are awesome!


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