Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1 - Test Run

Okay, Friday was a test run. :o  Today officially begins my blog everyday for 30 days.  I'm going to try and set up as many auto posts as I can.  That's how I have to do it with 2 tots and a 10 year old that we homeschool.  Whew!

I've been away waaaay too long and I didn't get a chance to share the beautiful mail art I've received over the summer.  Today begins my series of Mail Art 2012.  I'm completely addicted and have acquired some beautiful art from all over. Have you participated in this art form?  I just started this year and am amazed at the talented and friendly ladies I have met.  I've also been penpaling too.  I can't wait to share!

Front View - Address label made from homemade washi tape.
Back view

I sent this envelope to Canada for a lover of the pacific ocean.  Being a California girl I could understand her love of the ocean and wanted to portray it in this envelope.  She "got it."  She loved it!  I'm always nervous when sending out my art.  I hope that the recipient "gets" the message I'm attempting to porgray.  The responses I've been getting from the recipients are wonderful. I will be doing more this fall for sure. 

Tomorrow I will share what I have received over the summer

Until then...Be Blessed!

Adriann ♥

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