Thursday, July 5, 2012


Handmade Postcard by One of His 2
Handmade Postcard, a photo by One of His 2 on Flickr.
We've been enjoying my sister's pool to beat the unusually hot summer heat.

Made this postcard for a handmade postcard swap at Swap-bot.

Enjoy your summer!

Adriann ♥


  1. what a cute card! I remember crashing in on friends when they rented a beach house. Wish I had more friends who did. I am crashing at my brother's Oregon beach cottage next weekend. Can't wait to see his new place and put my feet in the Pacific.

  2. Hi Adriann - It worked this time so the problem must have something to do with using my computer at work. I've always wanted to rent a beach house for a week or 2 in the summer - Maine's beautiful coastline would be my first choice :)

  3. That's as cute as it gets! Enjoy the pool!

  4. Hey, I've been missing you. ARe you still at the pool?!? :_)

  5. Hey!! OMG I LOVE your work!!!! And I subscribed, too ;).

  6. Thanks(With a BIG GRIN on my face)! ♥


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