Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Read

I remember reading a review or seeing Beautiful Oops! on Pinterest sometime last year and had forgotten about it.  While visiting the library we came across Beautiful Oops!.  I remembered wanting to read it for the children and we checked it out.  Imagine my surprise when everyone in the household became inspired by the book.  It's 14 pages long, but it's packed with wonderful nuggets of artistic inspiration. The interactive pages are the toddlers favorite.   My favorite quote from the book  is "When you think you have made a mistake.  Oops! Think of it as an opportunity to make something...Beautiful."  It is a wonderful book for all ages! Everyone in the household loves it.  It's not just for children. 


I recently participated in a private swap with Maggie.  She sent me a wonderful parcel of artistic inspiration.  I've already started on a few projects.  I'll share the details this weekend.

Until then think of all the opportunities you have to make something BEAUTIFUL!

Adriann ♥

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