Saturday, May 5, 2012

May 5 - Cinco De Mayo!

Growing up in southern California, Cinco De Mayo was celebrated with as much fervor and excitement as Independence Day.  There were plenty of celebrations going on in the state of California and especially the city of Los Angeles. So for those of you in the southwest region of our country.    Feliz! El Día de la Batalla de Puebla!!!

Have you ever had a day that looked as if everything is going to turn out exactly as planned unexpected guest drops by for a visit and changes everything.

Well I had that sort of day today.  My tots actually took a nap together (which is rare--they usually piggy back off each other), and my ten year old was content with a project.

I was ready to use this opportunity to take some great pictures of the prize giveaway.  

To start-- my camera didn't work after I set everything up because I didn't charge it. Oh well!  I took that as a sign to start practicing drawing and working in my art journal.  I got involved for no more than 5 minutes before my guest arrived.  It was a nice visit all the same, but boy I could have enjoyed the quiet time to myself.

So here we are with no prize picture, but a scan of the cover to one of the vintage music sheets you'll be receiving along with some other vintage book pages.  I'll also include a upcycled mixed media journal, some miniature colored pencils and some bits and pieces to make it all complete.

There--day 5 complete.  See you with details tomorrow!



  1. My day took an unexpected turn yesterday when the rain poured out of the sky and flooded downstairs!!! It took about 2 hours of mopping - moving furniture - a fight with hubby - but we got it all done and the carpets are drying on the patio. I somehow still managed to love the day!

    1. You handled it so well. I need to practice going with the flow more.

  2. Oh dear Adriann, I think that way too often (re: quiet time to myself lol) but then I fear I would never see anybody if it were left to my creative side lol much love xx

    1. I think God gave me wild boys so I can't go off into my cave and hide from the world. ☺

  3. Three young ones! Wow, some days I can barely take care of myself. I really love that moms are hanging on to time to make art when they can. My best friend gave up her art when her kids arrived. I think it helps all of you be better moms because it refreshes your spirit.


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