Friday, May 4, 2012

May 4 - First Giveaway!!!

I am so happy that I listened to Nnairda!  Nnairda's my inner artist that happens to be a child.  She's the one who encouraged me to Just Do It and blog about anything for the next 30 days.  I can say that's it's been fruitful so far.  Thanks Nnairda!♥

My newest follower Annie over at Bohemiannie Art  is kind enough to give out some of her handmade  bookmarks just because.  She has inspired me to offer my first giveway.  Not quite sure what I'll be giving away yet.  One of my upcycled journals and vintage ephemera will be involved I'm sure.  So thanks Annie for the inspiration...I can't wait to get my bookmark this year!

Day 4 and counting...



  1. I just started following Annie and was thinking about asking her for a bookmark also. Her quilts are amazing. I'm glad Nnairda talked you into blogging. There's something wonderful to be said for putting words down.

  2. Thank you so MUCH! I can't wait to see what your giveaway involves and you're welcome! We inspire each other. I wish you didn't have to wait for the bookmark. The cost of shipping from Colombia is CRAZY and then you have to wonder if it will reach it's destination. Oh well, there are lots of great things about where I live. Finding time to read happy blogs like yours is one of them. :)


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