Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2 - Tutorial

Making the tutorial for the upcycled  journal is more difficult than I imagined.  I'm not comfortable enough on video yet and my photographs look horrible.  During this 30 days of blogging I should get over my issues and post an appropriate tutorial.

There are going to be a lot of changes in my life this month.  For one I'm enrolling in school for Fall2012.  I'm the ultimate procrastinator and waited late to decide on which school I will attend.  I've got it down to 3.  I set a goal to decide this week.  I've got to make up my mind soon.


I want to personally thank the followers of this blog.  They are as follows:

Kimberly Vanlandingham Originals
Monica over at Nana's Place
Urania Pantini
Renee over at My Fuss Up Life
Jenni over at Jennibellie Studio
Mariette over at Mixed Media ~Leap of Faitl~

I just wanted to let you ladies know that I appreciate your follows, especially because you all are so very talented. 

Day 2 of blogging complete.  See ya tomorrow!



  1. You have a new follower: me! Congrats on the decision to enroll in school. I'm back in college after teaching for 22 years and will be student teaching in special ed starting next fall. Like you, I don't feel comfortable taping myself. Hate seeing myself in photos or vids. Funny considering all those years I was up front and center in front of so many students. I hope you get past your doubts and fears so you can teach us how to make those journals!

  2. Maggie, thank you for the encouraging words and giving me something to blog about. ☺


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