Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17 - A Mini Zine

This is the second zine I've ever done. The first one was so terrible that the recipient didn't even respond. This one fortunately was taken from a template and I was able to add my doodles and such. I like the way it came out and plan to make more. The hostess MISSPICKLE had everyone complete the template as they like.  I can't wait to start getting them in to see every one's interpretation.  It should be interesting.  I'll share as they come in.

Until then...

Adriann ♥

~The giveaway is on until the end of the month.  Click here for details. 

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  1. What fun! I had to turn my laptop upside down to see/read some of those. I've had my students make those for language arts before. Much more fun than a regular book report.


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