Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 10 - Happy Mail

Andria over at Drawing Near has been blogging about Happy Mail/Art lately.  Her latest post titled A Mailbox Mystery is really fascinating for all of you snail mail enthusiasts.   

The above is a upcycled cookie box I made into an envelope to send to Germany.  A banana pudding recipe is visible on the back.  It's a favorite dessert in our family!  This swap was entitled A Long Letter and a Cup of Tea and I received mine today.  It's hosted over at Swap-bot.  I can't wait to wind down tonight, brew my tea and read the beautiful letter I received today.

Ten days and still going...

Adriann ♥


  1. Love the cookie box envelope. Tea and a letter sounds decadent. I can't eat glutton so I have my sis save cracker boxes and cereal boxes for me. I've been trying to avoid swap-bot, but I may have to give in.

    1. I'm a newbie over there and already I have met the sweetest ladies. I love it!


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