Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mini Art Journals

Made these for a swap over at  Swap Workshop.  For a Spring themed swap. 

Beading inspiration came from Jennibellie Studio.  I love how they came out.  All made from toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls.  All are painted and hand stamped inside and out.  The innards are 140lb water color paper.  These will make great gifts for art journalers and sketchers.  
As always your comments are welcome!


  1. Whoa those are really cool looking! Thats a great idea !

  2. Soooo cute!!! Thanks for sharing!
    have a great day...

  3. Thanks for the nice comments! They're already gone.

  4. Adriann?!? noooooooo, did you get that comment??? Damn blogger, or my internet connection, one of them just wiped my long comment :( damn, damn, double damn! Simply was something along these lines...I love these, I did look days ago but on my little iphone which I'm scared to leave comments with (coz of the crypted word thing on many blogs - simply cannot do it on that thing!). So sorry for late comment, have been really sick this week hence my lack of online stuff, just wanted to say how absolutely gorgeous these are, BIG pat on the back for the recycling and thanks for the shout out :) xx

  5. @Jennibellie lol!!☺ Thanks for the compliment. It means alot from you. I plan to review your Creative Juices zine soon. Love it! ♥

  6. I tried to leave this comment in your newest post but there was an advertisement in the way of the 'publish' button so I'm leaving it here. I don't think anyone will be able to leave a comment.

    I'm so glad you said something about the Strathmore workshop! I had forgotten all about it and will do my best to 'attend'. Especially if something as wonderful as your Pear collage comes out of it!

    And...your journals are FABULOUS!!! Don't you just love Jennibellie?!?

    March 10, 2012 3:03 PM

  7. Great idea! I'm sure the receiver in the swap was thrilled to get this.


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